Sand Blasting Hose


Inner Tube – Abrasion Resistant Conductive special Natural Rubber

Reinforcement – High tensile synthetic plies with copper wire for grounding
Outer Cover – Abrasion and heat resistant special natural rubber


short and sand blasting applications for cleaning metal surfaces, Casting, etching glass, where abrasive materials are conveyed at high velocity with electrical conductivity.

Temperature Range:

-40°C to +70°C

Standards :

IS 5894 : 1980
Type I and Type II

Sand Blasting Hoses Market

Dunlop – Sand Blasting

Dunlop Sand Blasting Hoses Supplier
Dunlop Sand Blasting Hoses

Indo – Maksson Sand Blast

Indo – Maksson Sand Blast Hose
Indo – Maksson Sand Blast Hoses
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