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Flexaflex Hoses International

We are Importers and Wholesale Traders pan India of High Tech Industrial Hoses like Stainless Steel Corrugated Hoses, PTFE, Hydraulic High Pressure, Multi spiral, UHMWPE, XLPE, Super Steam, Carbon Free, Chemical, Rock drill, Sand blast, Suction & Discharge, Air, Water, Pneumatic Tool, Brewery and Food Grade, FDA – Phthalate Free, Cement Grouting , One Touch Fittings, Valves Cylinders and Other Accessories.

Our Vision

Technical Excellence, Quality, Market Intelligence with a Target of 25,000 + Customers across India.

Our Mission

Continues Upgradation Of Product Quality, Increasing Our Product Range and coverage to Take Care of Our Future Business Challenges.

Our Infrastructure

15000 Square Feet Warehouse, Managed by Technically Sound Sales and Marketing Team Aided With a Powerful back Office and Market intelligence Wing for Innovative Product Additions From Time to Time.

Industrial & Hydraulic Rubber Hoses, SS Corrugated Hose, PU Tubes, One Touch Fitting Valves, Cylinders, Accessories

Importers Wholesale, Traders and Exporters

S S Corrugated Hoses

S.S. Corrugated Flexible Hoses

Flexible Metal Hoses
Temp. -270°C to +600°C

PTFE Single Braided Hose

PTFE Hose with S.S. Braiding

Temp. -60°C to +260°C

One Touch Fitting

 One Touch Fitting

PU Tube and Fittings

PU Tube and Fittings

Hydraulic Hoses SAE R2 AT

Hydraulic Hoses

Temp.-40°C to +100°C

Hydraulic Hoses SAE R1 AT

Hydraulic Hoses

Temp. -40°C to +100°C

Super Steam Hose Double Wire Braided

Super Steam Hoses

Double Wire Braided
Temp. -40°C to +232°C

EPDM FDA Steam Hose

EPDM – FDA Steam Hose

Food Grade
Temp. -40°C to +164°C

XLPE Chemical Hose

XLPE Chemical Hose,

Solvent Handling Hose
Temp.-30°C to 90°C

Steam Hose Single Wire

Steam Hoses

Single Wire
Temp: – 40°C to +195°C

UHMWPE Grade Chemical Suction Hose

FDA-Grade Chemical Hose

Temp. -25°c Cleaning Up to 130°c For Max 30 Min

Brewery Hose

Brewery Hose

Food Grade
Temp. -40°C to +100°C

FDA – Phthalate Free Hose Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

FDA – Phthalate Free Hose

Milk, Dairy Products & Fatty Food
Temp. -20°C Approx to +90°C Approx

Air Drill Black Hose

Air Drill Black Hose

Temp. -30°C to +82°C

Hot Water Hose

Hot Water Hose

Temp. -30°C to + 100°C

Slurry Suction Hose

Slurry Suction Hose

Temp.-40°C to + 70°C

Water Suction & Discharge Hoses Manufacturer

Water Suction & Discharge Hose

Temp. -25°C to + 70°C

Air and Water Hoses

Air and Water Hose

Temp.-30°C to +82°C

Cement Grouting Hose Manufacturer

Cement Grouting Hose

Concrete Transfer Hose
Temp. -40°C to +70°C

EPDM Chemical Suction Hose

EPDM Chemical Hose

Temp.-30°C to +100°C

Industries We Serve

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